Talasari Beach is a beach in the Baleswar district of Odisha, India. It lies on the north-eastern coast of India.

The name Talasari is derived from the two words Tala (ତାଳ) (meaning Palm) and Sari/Sarani (ସାରି/ସାରଣୀ) (meaning row). The palm trees surrounding the place gives such a name to it.[1] The word Tala also means rhythm, which is reflected in the sea waves lapping against the shore.

The overview of Talsari Beach

The place has vast stretches of green paddy fields, numerous rivers, blue hills and extensive beaches. The beach has tall Jhau tree and kaju badam tree. Udaipur beach is the last beach on this north odisha. When the stream is brimming, one can only reach the main beach with the help of a boat. But at other times, one can walk across the dry riverbed. The place is fairly windy. Talasari is very beautiful beach in Odisha. The Talsari beach is as frequently visited by the people as the other beaches of Odisha. The waters of the sea at Talsari beach are not turbulent but calm and peaceful.

Talsari Beash

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