Mr Bhagaban Chandra Kunda

Bhagaban Chandra Kunda s/o Laxman Kunda and Ahalya Kunda born on 09.09.1947 as the 8th womb of his mother. In his childhood at the age of 11th, he has bravely protested the dacoits when they tried to dacoity in his house. He passed a bachelor’s degree in English Honours from Fakirmohan college. He was the first graduate of village kanyanagari. For the development of his village, he did not join in any lucrative job of Government. For his service and sacrifice mentality, he was elected as sarpanch of undivided Sradhapur Grama panchayat. With the help of kanyanagari village people, Bhagaban Babu establishes a Nodal school in his village, electrified the area, constructed a road, and tried to give the benefits to all rightful beneficiaries in government yojana. Village people love him and elected him as sarpanch from time to time due to his helping nature, competency, punctuality, brotherhood, and humanity. In 2009 Bhagaban Chandra Kunda was honored by the Panchayatraj department of the central government for his continuous social services to the society. On 01.02.2019 in the demise of Bhagaban Chandra Kunda lakhs of people of the Bhograi constituency saddened and gives a flower on his mortal body. Villagers of kanyanagari, due to sacrifice nature, Brotherhood, humanity, punctuality, and development work for the area by Bhagaban Chandra Kunda, establishes three numbers of the statue of Bhagaban Babu. One at the entry point of kanyanagari village named as “statue of Prosperity” as he worked for the development of the village, the second statue near the village school named as “Statue of Unity” for his brotherhood in between villagers and an inspiration for the students of the school and the third one was established at his house named as “Statue of humanity” as he worked for humanity and believed in simple living and high thinking and also the kanyanagari village road named as Bhagaban road. Bhagaban Chandra Kunda was ideal of village Kanyanagari.

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Bikram Kunda

S/o Bhagaban Kunda