Digha police station has jurisdiction over part of Ramnagar I (part) CD Block. It covers an area of 3,153 km2 with a population of 35,054. It is located in Digha.

t is located 183 km (114 mi) from Kolkata/Howrah via Mecheda and 234 km (145 mi) via Kharagpur, this proximity has probably helped this small hamlet to emerge as a weekend getaway with number of hotels and tourist lodges. Digha is connected to Kolkata/Howrah by a highway and a rail-link via Tamluk. Now many trains including Howrah-Digha Super AC express, Tamralipta express, Kandari express and EMU locals from Santragacchi via Mecheda and Tamluk run between Digha and Howarh and other stations in eastern India.It is also located under Contai Sub division

The of Digha Sea Beach

An English businessman John Frank Snaith started living here in 1923 and his writings provided a good exposure to this place. He convinced West Bengal Chief Minister Bidhan Chandra Roy to develop this place to be a beach resort. An old church can be seen near the Old Digha Main gate. This place is also known as Alankarpur Digha. A new mission has been developed in New Digha which is known as Sindhur Tara which is beside Amrabati Park its a Church where it is possible to wish for the welfare of family and loved ones. The best way to visit is to book a local van rickshaw. There are so many place where one can travel which give mental refreshments, like Tajpur, Odisa Border, Science City etc


The place receives 156.84 cm rainfall throughout the year. During the summer, the temperature is high and sometimes reaches 40 °C. During the winter, the mercury stands around 14 °C.

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    In February, red and orange flowers appear on the cashew trees. The cashew kernel hangs outside the fruit, which is also edible.

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    There are a handful of small hotels and a Panthasala run by the Odisha government.

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    The beach is quite flat and the waves are small and playful. The estuary of the river Subarnarekha River can be seen in the distance.

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    A quay has been made on the beach that serves as a fish market in the morning.

Police stations

Digha police station has jurisdiction over part of Ramnagar I (part) CD Block. It covers an area of 3,153 km2 with a population of 35,054. It is located in old Digha.[4]

Digha Mohana Coastal police station is located in Digha


93.55% of the population of Contai subdivision live in the rural areas. Only 6.45% of the population live in the urban areas and it is considerably behind Haldia subdivision in urbanization, where 20.81% of the population live in urban areas.


There is a District Hospital near old Digha which provides good medical facilities. There is Contai Sub divisional Hospital and Sanjiban Hospital 31 k.m from Digha.


There are mainly five seasons in Digha, namely summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring. Summer starts in April and continues until June with a maximum temperature of 37 °C (99 °F). Although cold wind from the sea keeps the weather pleasant in this time. Next comes monsoon in July and lasts till the end of September. Digha generally experiences an average rainfall with high humidity in the monsoon season. Autumn sets in October and lasts till mid of December with an average temperature of around 25 degree Celsius. The weather remains very pleasant this time. Winter sets in the second half of December and lasts till mid February with an average temperature of 15/16 degree Celsius. The spring is the most enjoyable season in Digha starting from mid February to mid April.[citation needed] The hotels remain full of their capacity as tourist inflow is the highest in this peak season

Bus service

There is frequent bus service to Digha from Dharmatala, Baruipur Garia and Joka bus stand of Kolkata, Burdwan, Bolpur, Siliguri, Asansol, Kirnahar, Baharampur, Serampore and many other parts of West Bengal. Buses are available from Howrah as well, a connection has been made from Sealdah to Digha where a private bus arrives at 8:30 am throughout the week. It takes the shortest route from Sealdah connecting S.N Banerjee road, Taltala, Wellington, Dharmatala to Howrah station, it departs from Howrah Station within 5 min to Digha. Digha is connected to Kolkata Metropolitan Area with E17 (Barasat), E17/1 (Barasat), E19 (Habra), E19D (Dumdum station), E45 (Joka), E46 (Saltlake Karunamoyee), E54 (Sreerampore), E55 (Madhyamgram), E56 (Baduria), ACT5 (Barasat), ACT8 (Habra), ACT9 (Saltlake Karunamoyee), ST31 (Dharmatala) etc.

Train service

In 2004, train services have started for Digha railway station (Station Code : DGHA). There is one DMU service from Santragachi railway station and there are three new trains from Howrah Station too.

Train Name Start <-> Destination
Tamralipta Express HWH <-> DGH
Paharia Express NJP <-> DGH
Super AC Express HWH <-> DGH
Kandari Express HWH <-> DGH
Puri Digha Superfast Express Puri <-> DGH
Mecheda Local MCA <-> DGH
Santragachi Local SRC <-> DGH